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The new standard in patient engagement...

HealthVoyager allows patients to be fully engaged and immersed in their own health journey. Leveraging patient data found within the hospital electronic medical record, HealthVoyager allows patients to visualize and explore their health in a way never before possible.

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Augmenting the patient journey

Traditionally, physicians share findings using printouts directly from the patient's medical record. While highly informational, many patients admit to being overwhelmed and confused by the clinical results of diagnostic procedures.

Without a clear understanding, and unable to translate complicated scientific language into concrete concepts, patients are not equipped to ask questions, research treatment options, share information with family members, or advocate for themselves.

HealthVoyager gives patients a new way to interact with their health data. By providing findings in a personalized and approachable way, patients are now able to fully comprehend their individual results and connect with their healthcare providers in a new way.

Empowering patients

HealthVoyager simplifies a process that has been complex for both healthcare provider and patients

Using a modern and simplified interface healthcare professionals can easily drag and drop findings directly onto a digital representation of the patient's anatomy. Once completed, the application can be used to generate a simplified report that contains a unique scannable code linked to a specific patient. Designed to be integrated into the hospital electronic medical record, all information is stored in a HIPAA compliant way, and can be used to help populate the internal hospital patient record.

Patients are able to access a mobile app to view their health findings at any time. Upon scanning the report generated by the healthcare professional, they are able to customize a personal avatar that will guide them through their own medical findings. Leveraging the latest in data visualization and virtual reality, patients are able to explore the outcomes of the their procedures. Every patient will get a unique view that is tailored to their own findings, and will be able to fully understand what is happening within their own body.

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